Welcome to Agri2000, the agricultural and economic growth program for SA and Africa. Growth for suppliers, farmers, distributors, processors, services providers and our people. .

1 Farmers help Africa

1 Farmers help Africa Most importantly:- if we experienced an agricultural Marikana it will take SA a very long time to recover and the cost will be enormous. Not just in money terms but in life quality. And the total investment confidence not just in agriculture but in South Africa as a whole will suffer great consequences.

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2 A social accord?

2 A social accord? The debate should shift to nonracial policies that enable us to:- o Not just create job opportunities, but o Sustainable value adding career opportunities. o The formation and establishing of sustainable businesses across all race groups, and specifically in our black communities not just through affirmative programs. o But through proud, talented international leading individuals.

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3 Bio-industrial agriculture

3 Bio-industrial agriculture Bio-industrial agriculture is simply the economies of the future. o It provides value adding downstream job opportunities. o It is environmental friendly and earthbound. o It increases market flexibility to regulate food prices. o It provides a growth path for people with low knowledge economic skills to enter value adding markets.

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