a) Wealth and meals

  • One of the key factors of the Agri2000 program is to assist our communities to break the cycles of poverty and malnutrition.
  • Our South African farmers are a smart bunch. They have a old saying n Boer maak n Plan.

A farmer makes a plan.

We in South Africa can all have healthy meals. It is a specific undertaking by our farmers to help our people to enjoy healthy meals.

It is seen as the first step to break poverty in our communities and

b) Agri2000 focuses on three solutions for our people

  • Food & gardens for families & schools
  • Housing options
  • Business opportunities

Each of these options is partnership based. This means that:-

  • Each option is based on collaborations. Where you from a community side will drive it.
  • Secondly it is business based

This means that a new community business is established, that acts as either the service platform or enabler through business services.

c) Food & gardens for families & schools

There are already many successful projects countrywide.

Agri2000 will not be reinventing concepts but will work with existing programs:-

  • Assisting them to be leveraged and
  • Ensure sustainability

Secondly Agri2000 provides for a bridge between these programs and the farmers. This offers major benefits that allow sustainability and growth.

d) Housing options

Agri2000 is not only directly linked to new housing developments for our people but was started via housing developments for our people:-

  • At entry level
  • Migration workers in mining and agriculture.
  • As well as new options in both RDP and GAP housing.

The importance of this is major, because it can provide a basis for funding.

  • Also it improves the living quality of our people on a practical level.
  • At the same time it creates new business opportunities for our people.

e) Business opportunities

One of the key factors of Agri2000 is the introduction of new business establishing concepts and the linking of this with existing businesses.

It is estimated that this approach can create over two hundred and sixty thousand new sustainable work opportunities.

The key lies in the empowering of people and business structuring methods.

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