Mining migration housing

a) Specifically undertaking

The South African mining industry is a cornerstone of the South African economy. Dating back to the colonial period. Many of the practices such as labor therefore have developed over a long period

Over the years outside parties have intervened on be half of workers, communities and the mining companies in the mining industry.

Often with skewed or deliberate negative objectives.

It therefore is a specific undertaking by Agri2000 that:-

The housing alternatives introduce through the Agri2000 program have to be included by mining companies and or the workers, themselves.

It must also be stressed, that although this particular housing offers new solutions for migration workers Agri2000 will not attempt to change any practices with regards to migration workers.

It’s only focuses on, improving the financial and overall well-being of workers, but at all times within the context of existing migration practices and agreements.

b) New housing options

The new housing options introduced through the Agri2000 program takes into account specifically the migration nature of mineworkers.

It presents specific benefits to migration workers to be able to have quality living accommodation for the duration of their tenure.

At the same time it presents an opportunity for the capitalizing of housing expenses/rental to acquire an asset.

At 30% of the existing migration work force, should the 30% decide to accept the alternative offered within the program. The latent value added to the overall well-being of the workers will exceed thirty billion Rand.


c) For mining houses

It is the belief of the Agri2000 program developers that the underlying latent value provides an opportunity to renew worker relations.

More importantly, at the juncture in south Africa’s history where our minerals require greater depths of mining, new mining methodology. It is the belief of the program directors that of the introduction of the new mining housing option can parallel assist in the development of a new high level professional mining work force.

For further information please contact us through the contract form provided on this website.


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