Agriculture and Agri-businesses Bee

a) Introduction

Of all the economic segments in South Africa, agriculture and agricultural businesses have in the past and will in the future continue to make  leading investments in assisting previously disadvantage people to become economically empowered.

b) Bee Data base

One of the key undertakings of Agri2000 is to provide an Internet and mobile phone communication platform to:-

  • Establish a database of all agricultural Bee projects.
  • Provide a communication platform to assist cooperation between commercial farmers and emerging farmers.
  • Provide a national platform for the overall assistance to the farming community with regards to certain specific aspects such as natural catastrophes.
  • Furthermore to make available and promote best practices with regards to Bee developments and or emerging farmer developments.


c) A fully indexed database

This website is an upgrade of the old website that already provide for a Bee data base management system.

Click here to view the old input form. (It is currently not active but will be by the 10th February.)

More so you would be able to register and update the status of bee project even via smart phones

The database makes provision for both Internet communications including cell phone communication.

d) In trim support

For any requests for in trim registration of Bee programs, please contact us using  the inquiry form below, and we will contact you.

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