This section covers (Both commercial and emerging farmers)

It is time to farm with future certainty and growth.

a) A new growth path

There is little doubt agriculture is at a crossroad after the last round of 50:50, evictions and wage demands. For both the government and organized agriculture the stakes have gone up.

The current path spells only destruction for all that depend on and are part of the agricultural value chain.

  • A lesson from mining:- The minister of mining stated that mining has now reached a point of dis-investment. This was driven mainly by nationalization calls and negative press on management salaries; which was not countered by the industry and snowballed.
  • Agriculture is less than 3% of the economy. It creates 22 downstream jobs for every farm job. At the same time agriculture does more for Bee than any other sector. Yet it gets 90% of all bad Bee press.
  • If agriculture reaches a point of dis-investment it will not just be investment losses but internal mayhem. The negative talks should be stopped and changed to positive outcomes.

Agriculture should be seen as the leading community partner for growth and bee partner by all people, from leaders to consumers including at community level.



b) SA agriculture needs:-

  • Positive consolidated publicity and recognition for its Bee and
  • Agriculture needs to build partnerships on all levels of society. From Government/leadership through to communities and consumers.

The truth is we are past the point of just a new round of talks.

The only option is action.

  • If you want agriculture to succeed there is only one choice; action that unlocks the full potential of agriculture in a new framework of mutual growth.
  • Action that:- Promotes and establishes:-
  • A non racial agricultural development path to accelerate growth.
  • That is supported across the political and social spectrum.
  • Ensures food security and global competitiveness.

And provides a development path for all our peoples  aspirations. From small farmers, farm workers and commercial farmers.


Is this achievable?

  • Yes, because agriculture is the new future growth industry and
  • you can start tapping into that growth and make the difference!

c) This is the launch of a four point integrated growth program to:

  • Promote and establish:
  • A non racial, global competitive, accelerated agriculture and economic development program;
  • that will allow our people to live their aspirations;
  • Build mutual respect, trust, collaboration and growth partnerships.

The program principles applied:

  • It is non political;
  • Non replacement of any agricultural organization, agri-chamber or service providers;
  • Non replacement of any existing agricultural web-site;
  • Non-replacement of any training body or program;

All the underlying programs are based on either business growth or sustainable new businesses.




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