A social accord?

a) The following is a general overview

South Africa is still very much a country divided. For past historical reasons the government and political parties have to balance the need of specifically black people, colored and Indian people against historical advantaged white communities.

The problem however is that the future challenges SA and Africa face can no longer be resolved through historical driven policies. If the population increases from 900 million to 1, 3 billion food production has to accelerate.

The only solution is that both commercial and emerging farmers segments have to contribute to the food basket.

If the agriculture and mining sector provides work to many of our people whose primary skills is labor based, implying therefore low value adding work opportunities. The focus in a global economic context has to be on skills development.

In short, in the past some of our most talented people worked as laborers on the mines and in agriculture. As is clearly illustrated by the broad spectrum of leadership that stems from these ranks. Proving beyond doubt that we do have the potential.

Therefore there should be both in agriculture and in the mining sectors programs which assist families and individuals to develop skills and economic business opportunities parallel to their tenures. There are a number of mining companies and agricultural organizations such as Grain SA who has embarked on programs to achieve this type of objectives.

b) What is meant by normalizing agriculture and mining?

As a result of the historical “conflicts” many of these endeavors take place in isolation.

It is time that the necessary goodwill is created through leadership to establish collaboration, focused programs between all the role players, Government, business, mining and agriculture.

At the same time foundations of investments such as trust and future certainty have to be reestablished.

Mining companies and commercial farmers should in real terms be supported to provide maximum economic benefits within global competitive frameworks.

At the same time, mining companies and commercial farmers should operate within the framework that secures the future of both SA and Africa. And in this regard the development of our human capital is the cornerstone.

SA has demonstrated through the World Cup that it is able to compete successfully internationally through collaboration. Where the government at the day brought the goodwill to secure the cup event for South Africa and business assisted in the delivery success.

The DIY industry pioneering work with regards to migration housing as included in the Agri2000 proposals create an opportunity specifically through the development of our human capital to provide substantial savings and the making available of funding for collaborative positive development programs.

c) The debate should shift to nonracial policies that enable us to:-

  • Not just create job opportunities, but
  • Sustainable value adding career opportunities.
  • The formation and establishing of sustainable businesses across all race groups, and specifically in our black communities not just through affirmative programs.
  • But through proud, talented international leading individuals.
  • Furthermore, value adding downstream resource economic growth both in the mining and agricultural sectors should be central to the accord. .
  • Parallel to this, specific focus and attention should be paid to the development of skills that enable our people to compete within knowledge-economies.

Because at this juncture in history the challenges Africa face is not just a population growth and food supply challenge. But critical economic drivers as such as automation, communication and technology such as nanotechnology.


d) In short the building blocks of the program can be summarized as follows:-


Primary drivers Resulting in Integrated into And policies that deliver
1) New housing developments entry level and migration 3) New economic growth in excess of sixty billion 5) A new social accord

  • with        Mining        Agriculture
  •  Business and communities



6)The restoring of investment confidence in mining and agriculture7) Accelerated agricultural and mining development 8) Value adding and knowledge- economic, economic developments through unlocking SA and Africa’s human capital. 9) Bee empowering of the people of South Africa and Africa through industry developments that provide value adding work opportunities. .
2) New housing options  RDP and GAP 4) Fiscal savings in excess of a hundred and ten billion Rand

e) The choice is simple.

  • Redressing colonial wrongdoings or
  • Unlocking our human potential, empowering our people to live their dreams.


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