A Process v4

Drive life quality

1) Make Africa the place for quality meals.
The true growth opportunity

Major growth will occur in the downstream distribution, food-processing and food services sectors including suppliers to these sectors and industries such as the hospitality sectors.


2) Why?

Agriculture currently creates for every farm job :- 22 related jobs. This will in crease to 35 jobs for every farm job. Why, for example:- food distribution and food quality in Africa needs to significantly be increased across standards, quality and economic value adding.

  • So although agriculture needs to grow by over 60%, over 80% of the new work will be created outside agriculture.
  • For suppliers to/and distributors and food processors, services and hospitality sectors growth in the agriculture, means big growth for these companies.
  • It is in affect a back to back scenario. Growth in the downstream creates new agriculture growth demand. At the same time agricultural growth up related demand.
  • And because of the current low economic value adding base in the distribution and specifically the service sector the growth opportunities is big.
  • Put differently:- 55% of our people eat low value added food (Both low nutritional and low value added economic) . 35% suffer of malnutrition. And population growth is busy to accelerate and the population will at the most conservative grow figure increase from 900 million by over 500 million to over 1,3 billion.


The main program membership benefits

3) You have a leveraged market growth factor and:-

Suppliers to/and food processors, distributors are key to meet the new market demand.
No agricultural normalizing can take place if food security and malnutrition is not address simultaneously.

4) Agri2000 for this reason provides the following business support to:-

Suppliers to/and distributors and food processors, services and hospitality sectors

o To develop business models to unlock the market
o To export
o Support to access and unlock funding
o Access to the right people
o Support for training
o Risk reduction and

An overall framework for:-

o Growth and
o Success

To go beyond just BEE scorecard action

In this there is both vertical and horizontal growth

o Increase in sales
o Growth of customers
o Growth of geographic coverage and new market areas

Growth of new

o Agents
o Distributors
o Licensed businesses or franchises
o Users
o Clients and sales


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