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“Applying Nature’s Lessons To Industry”

Quality living environments for entry level and urban migration housing, providing for capital accumulation and manufacturing leverage.

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DIY Industry sets a new standard

Migration workers have played a major part in the South African economic development, and this trend will increase in South Africa and in Africa at large. Specifically due to the new changing economic factors and the availability of work. To a large extent this is driven through the mismatch of skills and work availability in a particular area.

Both agriculture and the mining sectors rely extensively on migration workers. At the same time it provides substantial new opportunities for many workers from our neighboring countries, where the income levels are still far below that of the South African economy.

For years the main challenge, the industries have faced, is to provide quality housing for migration workers.

Outside of these two industries agriculture and mining, an influx and relocation have left many of our people living in the informal settlements.

The development of migration housing and entry level housing by DIY Industries is a quantum leap in both:-

  • human quality, and dignified housing options on the one side and
  • At the same time offers new economic growth.

Until now the informal sector, from a housing perspective, has been a zero economic contributor. The initiative by DIY opens this sector, and could easily add thirty billion new economic activity to the South African economy.

It further provides certain specific benefits for both people living in informal settlements or relying on migration work.

At the same time it also provides specific advantages to the major sectors such as mining and agriculture.



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Quality, thermal and comfortable living

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Short synopsis of benefits for our people.

  • It allows an individual to establish at a reasonable cost quality housing for his or her family.
  • Secondly, it provides an opportunity to acquire an asset.
  • An asset which enables the family to make the best use of migration work opportunities and
  • Can be used in later years as an extension of the family income base, when the family acquires a property, and for example can use the units for rental income.

 Short synopsis of benefits for mining and the agricultural sectors

  • Improved productivity; there is a direct link between housing quality and productivity. A worker who lives in undignified circumstances and housing options simply cannot be productive.
  • Under the Agri 2000 program, the introduction of migration housing is linked to the development of our workers.
  • This is a critical element as both mining and agriculture in future will have to make more use of mechanization in order to remain competitive.
  • Migration housing in this respect firstly provides a high level of flexibility link to quality.
  • Secondly it allows the cost to be distributed through a fair reasonable model. For example, both the mining and agricultural sectors to date have received little or no benefits under the RDP housing programs.
  • Owners and companies in these sectors are willing to substantially improve housing qualities. But this needs to be on a partnership basis between, the company’s and owners on the one side and workers and government.
  • The initiative by DIY Industries opens the doors for this.

Agri 2000 research indicates that if this initiative is linked to worker development, the benefits for the industry’s and workers will multiply.

  • Resulting in quality work and living conditions for our people and
  • Stable secure long-term industry development, able to compete successfully with in a global context.

In closing

  • Both from the Agri 2000 program and DIY’s  perspective it is clear that the successful launching of migration housing will encourage a large number of other companies to enter the market.
  • Research further indicates, that should this happen, migration housing could in fact become a important export product for South Africa. Both in Africa and in a global context.
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