What is Agri2000?

  • Agri2000 is the first future directed;
    • Integrated agricultural and economic development program for South Africa and Africa.
    • To accelerate agriculture growth and
  • Establish long-term broad base renewal and environmental friendly economic growth through;
    • the fostering of new agricultural Bio and Industrial developments.
  • To increase economic growth.
  • To build partnerships between our people
    • Farmers, agri-businesses, consumers, communities and Government.
  • To support and grow businesses.
  • To foster the expanding of businesses and
    • Establishing of new businesses.
  • To assist our people to ensure quality living??and
    • Work options in the global knowledge economies.

Agri2000 is a program to build quality lives, unlock your potential and supports you to reach your goals.


2) New housing developments

It is directly linked to new housing developments for our people:-

    • At entry level
    • Migration workers in mining and agriculture.
    • As well as, new options in both RDP and GAP housing.

The importance of this is major, because it can provide a basis for funding in excess of hundred and ten billion rand over four years, to offset costs.

3) What is the aim of Argi2000?

1) To unlock South Africa and Africa’s human and economic potential, through:

2) The establishing of a non-racial, future directed social accord

3) The acceleration of agricultural and economic growth of SA and Africa by:-

Providing growth across the total value chain of agriculture from suppliers to farmers, farmers (Both commercial and emerging farmers), food processors and distributors.

The program also provides for the development of farm-workers and their income.

4) The development of agriculture as a future growth industry.

By establishing parallel to food production the development of bio and industrial produce crops and processing. The importance of this both, for Africa and from a global perspective is critical. Especially against growing populations, dwindling?? natural resources and environmental impact factors.

5) To overall increase the GDP per capita of SA and Africa through value adding developments and

our people’s skills to compete in the global knowledge economies. To a level that will assist our people to break the negative hold of poverty on Africa.

4) How do you benefit?

1) Leadership:- It provides a basis for leadership to be the champions of our people and Africa.

2) Suppliers to agriculture, processors and distributors, including service providers:-

2.1) Accelerated growth;

2.2) Business expansion and access to capital.

3) Farmers:- (Both commercial and emerging farmers) future certainty and growth.

4) Farm-workers:- Improved housing, income and employment options.

5) Communities:- Assistance to counter poverty and malnutrition.

6) Consumers:- Food and social security.

7) Mining:- It also provides a basis to establish a new social accord between Government, mining companies and workers, as it provides an options to address migration workers’ housing challenges. And can inject over eleven billion rand in value to migration workers.

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