Business expansion


The program gives you:-

  • business expansion options,
  • including funding options


a) Business expansion

The business expansion options offer you many growth options that can:-

  • increase your income,
  • reduce your cost
  • and unlock funding:-

Through business arrangements that include;- agency, marketing agreements, joint-venture, partnerships and new businesses, (standalone, franchised or joint ownership).

  • New products;
  • New food-processing options and manufacturing;
  • New distribution and
  • Farming


b) Business expansion adds profits

  • By including business expansion as part of your market growth strategy you can achieve substantial business growth under the Agri2000 program.
  • Business expansion options are also an essential element in a changing market. In the SA-SADC market, it has the potential to nearly double business and at the same time reduce costs.
  • The options are designed to help suppliers to farmers and food processors, including distributors.
  • It helps you to reach new customers.?? Especially in regions where you know there are customers but cost of traditional methods, such as:- opening a new branch is just to high, or
  • You do not have the market knowledge and

Want to unlock new business growth across the agricultural value chain.


c) Your membership makes business expansion easy

Because it addresses the key challenges such as access to and partnering with partners that:-

Add value to your brand;

  • Provide professional service and distribution;
  • Are customer focused;
  • Knowledgeable of the market and
  • It further provides you with a platform to promote your new business opportunities available or developed by your company.

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