a) Your life as consumer

The SA and African consumer markets cross many income and lifestyles segments.

The market realities are that:-

  • Lifestyle
  • Healthy living and
  • Nutrition
  • Together with consumer social awareness

are the key drivers in the agricultural and food value chain.

b) Agri2000:- builds relations as to conflict:-

Agri2000 introduces a new constructive future interaction platform between consumers and producers.

  • Agri2000 recognizes this as key to building sustainable businesses.
  • And therefore provides a platform for consumers to interact constructively with suppliers and farmers.

From the direct participation of consumers in all aspects that are of concern to them,

  • Product preference and nutrition.

Including item such as

  • Production methods and practices
  • Animal care
  • Environmental aspects such as ground management, water and use of chemicals.
  • GM research, productions and risk


c) Your role beyond the table

Africa is one of the most fertile agricultural continents and able to not just deliver top end luxury lifestyle food in abundance but to provide all our people affordable and nutritious meals.

  • Despite this, the sad part is that many of our people suffer in poverty and from malnutrition.
  • Agri2000 will introduce a number of programs that will enable you as consumer to help to??change this.
  • For example, food waist in the affluent segment and food value chain amounts to a wastage factor of over 35%.
  • New options can reduce this to below 8% and directly help to make food more affordable to our less fortunate consumers.

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