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Note:- Agri 2000 is an economic value chain model. It therefore includes suppliers to agriculture, mining, agriculture and mining itself, downstream distributors, processors and service providers.

a) How do you grow your business?

A key challenge for any company is the development of new markets. These challenges often cross language, cultural, infrastructure, support services with substantial costs and risks.

The South African economy in many respects has turned out to be a new market after 1994 for many companies.

At the same time the South African business development have suffered substantial losses due to aspects that surrounds Bee.

Under these market circumstances Agri2000 introduces specific options to allow companies to:-

1) Grow and

2) Expand their businesses.

b)The benefits

By aligning your business development and growth models with the market, companies that want to grow and expand are able to:-

  • Substantially reduce costs and investment requirements.
  • Unlock funding.
  • Secure sustainable long-term reliable partners, distribution channels and service platforms

There is virtually not a segment of the agri-business environment that cannot grow in excess of fifty percent. In most cases the potential market can be doubled.

For many years there has been a perception that South Africa has limited arable land. Scarce water resources. And although these factors are true to a point, the opportunities in South Africa for agriculture are limitless.

The immediate benefits for suppliers, downstream processors and service providers can be summarized as follows:-

  • The Agri2000 programs are technology driven and leverage your marketing.
  • For example it provides a consolidated platform for the support of farmers nationally in circumstances of catastrophes.
  • The benefit of this is that it provides a consolidated market portal. Transcending sub market segments such as language and culture.
  • The truth is, the South African agricultural market is primarily still divided between the following four segments. Commercial farmers (divided into two blocks), English and Afrikaans speaking groups, white and black. Ultimately overlapping into four major segments.

A consolidated market platform provides in many respects every day a Nampo or Royal Agricultural window to suppliers and processors to market the products and services.

c) More importantly:-

One of the key elements of the social accord is the establishing of the development of new agricultural, business and economic growth through collaboration between producers and companies.

d) Overall

  • The overriding factor is that the new social accord will normalize agriculture for both commercial and emerging farmers opening up vast new growth opportunities.
  • Reestablish investment certainty and
  • Unlock agricultural growth.

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